Rose hip soup recipe and muscroom picking


 I loove the fall! Spring and fall are my favourite seasons! I love the colors and I get to pick muchsrooms and rose hips! Homemade rose hip soup i amazing! You dont even have to take out the seeds, these i only did it on because i wanted to dry these witouth seeds.
Click to see super easy and quick recipe:
Rose hip soup (nyponsoppa):
2 dl Rose hips
5 dl water
1,5 dl sugar (adjust to prefered sweetness)
1 table spoon potato flour
vanilla if wanted
Wash the rose hips. No need to take out the seeds, its just a waste of time.
Cook them in the water for about 10 min then mash them with a mixer and boil some more. Strain the pieces and seeds away in a fine net and then add the sugar and potato flour. Add more water if you want it thinner or more potato flour vice versa.

I pick aloot of muschrooms. I get totaly obsessed! I have noted that I eat alot of muschrooms other people dont. Most people just eat chanterelles, funnel chanterelles (Craterellus tubaeformis ) and Karl johan (Boletus edulis), but there is so much more to eat! My favourite are Kremlor (Russulas) and Karl johan. I think many people are afraid of the Russulas because of the ofte red color, but its really easy to spot the eatable ones (one of the ones with redish fot has s stingy taste if you take a tiny chew and spit out). Please read about them before you try!
This is my favourite muschroom book by Pelle Holmberg and Hans Marklund. Its small and pedagogical with numbers for the severity level of the muschrooms, 1-2 being easy and safe.

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