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    Plantdye with akorns

    The ground outside is currently covered in akorns so I couldnt resist trying to plant dye with them. I wasnt sure what color I would get, maybe brown? I collected a bucket of akorns that I thought would last for a week or so but they dont, they mold so I also collected a bucket of new green ones to dye with both and compare.


    I did not use any mordant since I didnt have any home yet, and I was very eager to try. Im happy it worked anyway!
    Big pot- Green akorns+ white diamond twill and tabby wool
    Small pot- Brown odl akorns + tabby wool
    Akorn dyed fabrics

    What a result! 😀 I was soo exited to see the fabric in the big pot turn brownish pink and when dry a nice shade of vintage pink. In the picture above from left: 

    1. Green akorns-Vintage pink on diamond twill

    2. Brown old akorns- Light brown on tabby wool

    3. Green akorns- Vintage pink (slightly more brown) on tabby wool

    Akorn dyed fabric samples
    Plant dye with akorns
    Akorn dye result

     Afterwards I got the idea that I also wanted to test on a medium gray fabric so I throwed a piece in for a while more but it only got a bit darker on the brown gray side. Now im eager to try with mordant and experiment with other ingredients! 😀

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    Dyeing linen fabric

    Tänkte göra en ny underklänning och ville inte ha den kritvit så ja testade att färga med te och kaffe. Det är superlätt då man bara behöver varmvatten och ett badkar lr balja!

    Ungefär den här nyansen behövs, kanske lite mörkare tillochmed.


    Den längst ned är en påse tee och den översta 1-2msk kaffe. Valde kaffet då teet var lite mer rödaktigt plus att de skulle gå åt så hemst många tepåsar x)