Hi! My name is Elna and Im the owner of Runfridr costumes and The historical fabric store. I am a reenactor and costume seamstress. Sewing has always been a natural part of my life. When I was little I made clothing for my dolls and In my teens I discovered historical costumes, specifically 18th century clothing and viking clothing. What a world! This became a big hobby for me and over the years I have spent all my time learning more and more every year.

I started selling my costumes as well as some fabrics, but I felt it was a bit hard and time consuming finding all the materials needed for different time periods so I decided to start a shop where custumers could find everything in one place; and the historical fabric store was created!

I have a degree in:

-textiles and fashion design

-folk costume sewing, historical crafts

-traditional skin sewing

-and also furniture carpentry and upholstery. The woodwork was before I decided to dedicate my time to historical sewing and textiles.


Today I have my shop and sewing studio on the Swedish countryside and ship to reenactors and costume makers all over the world, and also selling the fabrics on markets around scandinavia in the summers.