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Gustavianum museum

A little visit to Gustavianum 🙂 Gustavianum is a must if you ever visit Uppsala in Sweden. They have some vendel/viking stuff but also egyptian and all kinds of stuff related to the Uppsala university that is Swedens oldest one.

Viking bling. From above; turtle brooches, clothing fibula for closing cape or coat, armrings.
Glass pearl necklace and combs.
Necklace and another fibula. nr2 I dont recall what it was. Maybe somebody can fill me in on that?
Drinking glass that has been glued together. Pretty color!
Warior gear. Under the glas floor is a reconstruction of a boat grave.
Scissor and game pieces (is that the correct word?)
More game piece.
Cooking pots
Spear. Look at that decoration!
Ring clasps
My favourite item here is this embroidery from a collar from Valsgärde.
Here is a bad panorama on a very cool room, its the universitys old anatomy theatre from 1663!
Very cool and very steep indeed.

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